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It can be intimidating to relocate an office or a commercial organization. But careful planning and availing yourself of the “best in class” professional office moving services can minimize all your commercial moving worries. For numerous years, Inner City Moving has specialized in commercial moving. The company has expertise and experience in office relocation, doing so in a professional and timely manner with minimal disruption to your office operations.

We are one of the best office moving companies in Toronto. We streamline every aspect of your office move and execute the moving process seamlessly. Inner City Toronto office movers are always there to listen to any concerns about your relocation.

We also customize your office move for you. If you want to receive an estimate for commercial moving services, you can fill out our online quote form, or you can reach us at (416) 656-8924 today!


One-stop shop to expert office movers in the GTA

Ease and integrity are what we believe in. Inner City Moving offers pre-move office plans–we devise packing instructions as well as tips to make your office move efficient and stress-free. Our professional office movers in Toronto are experienced in effectively handling and transporting office equipment even if it is bulky or oversized. We are always mindful of the need for speed while relocating so that the organization may not have to deal with the bottlenecks in their work, disrupting the overall efficiency of the business operations. We also ensure the safe handling of your office valuables while wrapping up and transferring them thereafter.


All-inclusive flat rate price with transparency

ICM, Toronto office movers, sets flat prices for each of its services with no hidden costs. The price is locked in before the move day. No extra charges will be imposed afterwards. Our experts will start by inviting you to discuss the nature of your move and will then provide the quote outlining the cost of your moving services. The travel expenses and fuel prices are included in the final price quote which will be given to you prior to the moving day.

delivery truck

Transport trucks offer peaceful moves every time

Transport trucks offer peaceful moves every time
We make the moving process to your new office space easy and hassle-free with our miracle moving trucks. When there is the need to transfer bulky loads, such as computers or printers, our moving miracles will transport these with utmost care and precision. The road rules are strictly followed while following the relocation process. Safety standards are also adhered to and along with that, we ensure the spick and span maintenance of our loaders. The trucks are responsibly sanitized after each move.


Coordination with clients for a successful move

Our experienced team of office movers in Toronto works with clients to ease the moving process. Customer delight is our preference, and we try to accommodate every aspect of the moving process, scheduling it so moving is done in a timely fashion. Our professional movers in Toronto will be available to make adjustments so as to ensure everything is in the right place. Our skilled moving personnel provide efficient packing and storing services throughout the move with minimal disruption.

We Offer A Variety Of Services in Toronto Such As

Office Packing and Unpacking

Office packing and unpacking

Whether it’s a few plastic plants or an entire room filled with desks and computers, our professional movers excel at providing top-notch packing services. Rest assured that your equipment and furniture will arrive at their new destination in the same pristine condition as when we first began the journey.

packing materials

Packing Materials

We offer a broad range of packing materials, including cartons, boxes, tape, loose fill peanuts, bubble sheeting, and more.

modular furniture assembly

Modular Furniture Assembly

Your furniture may consist of cubicles, desks, computer chairs, which can easily be disassembled. While this allows for convenient transport, it also means that it will need to be reassembled at your new location. We are more than happy to assist you.

short term storage

Short Term Storage

Sometimes schedules aren’t perfect, and an office needs to be vacated before it can be relocated. Inner City Moving & Storage Company addresses this challenge by offering temporary storage services tailored to accommodate any unexpected storage requirements. Our short-term storage units are an ideal solution for your urgent needs.

senstive item moving

Sensitive item moving

Many offices have business equipment, glassware, and electronics that cannot be treated just like any other piece of furniture. Our team takes care to properly wrap and store these items before moving them to their destination. We know how important it is that your office is up-and-running again as soon as it can be.

Why We Are the Best Movers in Town

What distinguishes us as the leading Toronto moving company? Our clients consistently commend our exceptional customer service and punctual performance. We bridge a gap in the local market by delivering high-quality moving services. We offer the following benefits over our competitors:

  • Timeliness

Our Toronto movers are committed to maintaining our reputation for punctuality. We never overbook clients to avoid unnecessary delays. When you choose our services, you can trust us to adhere to the schedule and arrive at your location at the agreed-upon time. Punctuality is our assurance—every time you select us.

  • Efficient Moving Approach

With our skilled movers, we have perfected the art of moving. We craft meticulously planned strategies to ensure each move unfolds seamlessly. Whether handling hefty furniture, fragile items, or cherished family heirlooms, our team is prepared for any challenge.

  • Comprehensive Customer Assistance

Relax and entrust the entire process to us. From packing and transportation to unpacking and settling in, we guide you every step of the way. Our robust customer support ensures close collaboration with clients, catering to their every need. A stress-free move is our commitment, and delivering top-notch service is our pledge.

  • Professional and Trusted Office Movers

Your happiness is our wealth; we believe in providing the most efficient packing and moving services to our customers. Our moving crew will be there on time when you hire our services, and we provide the most reliable, honest, and stress-free move out there.

  • Accountability

We are accountable for every task included within the packing, moving, and storage phases. It’s our responsibility to safely relocate your valuables to the new and designated place within the allotted time and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are a licensed company in Toronto, answerable for any kind of flaws that occur in your move.

Office Movers Toronto

Licensed Office Movers in Toronto

Repeat customers are a testament to our handwork and ability. We are the licensed packing and moving authorities in Toronto. We successfully carry out all kinds of office moves, whether it’s within Downtown Toronto or for long-distance moving. So, if you need a packing and moving service, get in touch with us by completing our online form today. We are happy to arrange your move by phone or email as well.

For swift and reliable professional packing and moving services to your new office, Inner City Moving & Storage Company is always ready to serve you. We’ve simplified the relocation process for our customers, assisting them in saving time, costs, and effort. You can trust us to support you throughout the entire journey.

Initiate the process with a consultation and receive a quote for your move. Call us at (416) 656-8924 to get started.