Moving can be an adventure. You've found a great new place, but it may be bittersweet leaving your old home. Many find packing to be a tedious and overwhelming part of the process because you have to decide what to do with all of your precious belongings, especially the expensive ones. We’ve all heard horror stories about people who lost irreplaceable items during a move. No one wants to get to the other house and unpack a whole bunch of broken items, especially if those items are very expensive. I don’t want that to happen to you. Here are some tips to help you pack your more expensive items and make sure they arrive in one, undamaged, piece.

Be Careful When Packing

Do not pack fragile items together. They should be separated into individual boxes and labeled. The more expensive something is, the more susceptible it damage that can erase its value. Be wary of certain types of items because they are more likely to get damaged during a move. If you are packing jewelry or watches, do not put them in a bag with other fragile items. Remove any small light bulbs or silverware from drawers or keep them in their boxes so they won’t break.

Wrap Items in Bubble Wrap

It’s easy to roll a small item into a ball and tape the opening shut. The same goes for picture frames and other fragile objects. Wrap the items in bubble wrap to ensure nothing goes astray. Make sure you use enough to completely cover the object. Packing tape is important for sealing the bubble wrap around the fragile objects.

Pack Fragile Items First

Fragile items should be packed first because they can be broken if you do not pack them carefully and make a plan for how they will be stored until moving day then loaded into the moving truck. When you’re ready to pack the bubble wrapped items, you can even cover the tops of the boxes with packing peanuts, which will add another level of safety to fragile items.

Pack Items in the Right Container

In the simplest terms, the most important thing you need to do to properly pack expensive items is to pack them in a container that allows for air circulation. Some people also place their things in plastic storage containers with foam, tape or other materials to keep them from moving around. A move can be stressful on the most basic levels. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, if you don’t properly pack your items, you could be left smash to pieces while you get to the new place.

Hiring A Professional Packing Team

The next time you’re moving, don’t try to pack it all in a few days and if you feel overwhelmed, consider asking us to do this packing for you. But certainly, you don’t want to leave packing more expensive belongings to the last minute as you’ll have less opportunity to make the decisions that will keep them safe.

Consider your previous moves. Have you ever moved and had a problem moving expensive items? What was your experience? Tell us when you book the move, and we’ll offer you our packing services and/or the correct packing materials and storage containers to make moving your more precious items go smoothly.

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