Reputable Packing Supplies in Toronto and the GTA

Moving is not just limited to transferring the valuables from one place to another. It comes with a lot of stressful aspects such as organizing, packing, cleaning the debris after the move; it also includes doing an inventory to make sure that all your possessions have arrived at the destined place.

For a hassle-free and seamless packing supplies service, you can trust our services. We are the providers of a wide range of packing supplies and also are Scarborough’s one-stop shop for all your moving necessities.

Pristine and New Packing Supplies

Inner City Movers is a one-stop shop for all your packing and shipping services needs which can be fulfilled under one roof. We use the finest, brand-new packing tapes, boxes, padding materials for each new move. This includes bubble wraps, packing boxes, packing peanuts, bubble cushioning which will safely pack all your belongings with care. All the packing products will be fresh and new which means that they are in perfect condition to handle what we put in them.

We know that using the old packing boxes saves money but they cannot be used to store fragile items as the boxes sometimes have rips and tears. We always opt for brand new boxes and containers, which can be a bit more expensive, but will be better as they offer safe and convenient protection for your goods.


Pre-Planning and Sorting–Our Friendly Service

Let our group help you with everything to ease the packing and moving process! It is hard to estimate how many boxes are needed to pack the load for your Scarborough move. But a bit of help and guidance from our side can relieve your stress and can make your move peaceful. Our moving and packing team assesses all your relocation needs by working as a partner or a friend with you paying close attention to all the details. We strive to provide you with the finest packing supplies whether you are moving locally or heading across the country. Proper packing supplies are the vital component for every successful move.


Need the best packing supplies service? Call us!

You are just one call away of availing yourself with the most reliable, as well as finest, packing service in Toronto. Inner City Moving has knowledgeable staff that will assess your packing needs and will arrange the perfect number of boxes and containers for packing.

Our packing services will make your move hassle-free and will boost the overall moving efficiency.

If you want to know how we can simplify your packing and moving process, call our packing specialists to get your queries answered!

How Do We Stand Out?

img experienced and organised

Masters in organized moving as well as packing

img insured and bonded loading

Insured and trusted loading crews

img protection plans

Protection plans and secure storage

img affordable rates

Affordable offers with no hidden costs

img quality moving materials

Superb moving materials

packing supplies maximize efficiency

Maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs

At Inner City Moving, we believe in providing quality services with minimum cost. We treat our customers as well as we do our friends and devise moving plans which help them in cutting back their moving troubles. The efficiency of any move is elevated as we take the time to learn the exact storage and packing needs of our clients. The Inner City Movers and packing specialists make estimates about the quantity of storage boxes required for different moving orders and we initiate the process of serving you accordingly. To reduce home moving challenges, Inner city moving offers mattress bags and furniture covers, while for commercial moves, we have in our store heavy-duty boxes. Just ask for a staff member when you come by, we will feel delighted to help you!!