Packing & Unpacking

Luxury moves with our skilled movers and packers servicing Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA

Packing and unpacking are the most physical as well as the mental draining tasks to do. We have a skilled movers and packers crew in Toronto that can pack as many rooms as you want. They can also unpack to set up your new home or location. We are the movers and packers who have years of experience in managing moves of every size and complexity in Toronto. Leave the bending and bubble wrapping to our team of skilled packers who will handle all your valuables and belongings with care. We are on the top in the packing and moving services list of decluttering homes in Toronto.

Don’t waste your time guessing how many boxes and rolls of packing are needed to wrap or unwrap for your move to a new home or office. Allow us to be there to assist you extensively in providing packing and moving services in Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA.

Packing Services

The versatility of our services

Throughout our time in the moving industry, we have moved a variety of unique and sensitive items for our Scarborough clients, including:

  • Office or commercial moving
  • Pre-listing preparations
  • Office, home, apartment, or condo moving
  • Restaurant and bar moving
  • Office corporate moving


All-inclusive extensive packing services

The thought of packing as well as unpacking stacks of boxes can be daunting to you when you think about packing or moving to a new location. For the Toronto dwellers or those who are business owners who don’t want to deal with the hassle of packing, our compassionate team is discrete and knowledgeable about how to pack, move, and store your items. We use the appropriate sized cardboard boxes or plastic containers and will unpack them and then arrange the contents in the new office or home afterwards. If you need a storage unit for your belongings, we will present you with the options that best suit your needs. Our team offers a comprehensive in-house packing service and is trained to take proper care of each item that they pack, move, and store.


“Packing on Our Own” assisted packing and moving services

Some people prefer to pack and load their office or household articles themselves–and that’s fine! In that case, we offer a variety of packing boxes feasible for both office and home moving needs. You can protect and move fragile equipment in these boxes too.

Committed to serving you in meeting all your packing needs, including:

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes–small,
large bundles

img flat screen tv

LED TV boxes,
tall lamp boxes,
mirror boxes

Bbubble Wrap

Bubble wrapping at the best price

Box-sealing packing tapes

Box-sealing packing tapes

img cusion material

Loose fill shipping packing peanuts

King, queen, and twin mattress covers

King, queen, and twin mattress covers

Movers and Packers Toronto

Unpacking During a Move–Without Going You Crazy

You may have been given a lot of advice about packing, but when it comes to unpacking, the process can be stressful. But make it hassle-free with us! Our uniformed, skilled, and experienced Inner City Movers will handle all your belongings with care. Our team of professional movers assembles and disassemble different types of furniture and equipment such as sofas, tables, bookshelves in order to ease the relocation process. So there is no need to look for an expensive handyman for this task. We can do it!

We are just one call away:

We are with you throughout the relocation process. We will coordinate with you, consider your moving needs, and act accordingly. Numerous types of moving and packing services are provided by our team of skilled moving professionals in Toronto. Contact us today to obtain rough estimates for our packing and unpacking services. We will be delighted to serve you and will make sure that your relocation process goes easier and is enjoyable!!