Following government recommendations, moving is considered an essential service. To serve our clients and the general public, Inner City Moving (ICM) is committed to staying open. With this decision comes huge responsibility; we have implemented strict guidelines to minimize the risks to our workers as well as risk of them transferring the COVID-19 virus to our clients. We now spray and sanitize the interior of our moving trucks, moving blankets, dollies, straps after each move. We do a thorough wash of the complete truck every five days using disinfectant for a clean rinse . During your move, your movers will wear washable rubber gloves. The gloves are sprayed and thoroughly cleaned after each move. Please help us by keeping to a safe physical distance of at least six feet between you and your movers.

ICM is committed to and makes every effort to protect your, and our, safety during your move. We wish you good health during these exceptional circumstances.