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Moving Company in Toronto

Let’s be honest, no one likes moving. Sure, the adventure of a new city, new friends, or a new job, might be exciting. But the actual move? No way. No how. Not fun. Thankfully for you, Inner City Moving & Storage Company is here to do all the heavy lifting! Our affordable and trustworthy moving services have helped us establish ourselves as a top-tier moving company in Toronto. Whether you’re moving into, out of or within Toronto, hand us those heavy boxes. Plus, our professional movers take special care to protect all your belongings. Whether it’s a box of china, a fragile glass cabinet, or a refrigerator, we provide extra protection and lift everything with care.

Full-Service House Moving

Whether you have a big home or a small apartment, the thought of packing can be panic-inducing. There’s always more than you think, and you know you have a lot of stuff!

Inner City Moving & Storage Company offers packing services that won’t break the bank. If you want to do it yourself, we can provide you with boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, and tape.

Or let us do the work for you! Your entire home can be packed up and you don’t even have to tape a single box. Fragile items will be carefully packed by our packing pros. Delicate furniture will be wrapped in moving blankets. We can also do furniture disassembly and reassemble it upon arrival. Imagine being able to deal with all the stress of moving, without the stress of organizing?

We also offer unpacking services too. Your happiness is our priority, so we think it’s important that the right boxes get to the right rooms. When we meet at your new house, apartment or condo, you can direct our moving team. All our local movers are courteous, efficient and hard workers who put customer service first!

Can’t Find Moving Boxes? Call Inner City Moving & Storage Company Instead

Anyone who’s ever moved from home to home in Toronto knows the pain of leaving things to the last minute. Last time you moved, when did you get your moving boxes? Two weeks in advance? A month in advance?

Or did you wait until the last possible second then waste an entire day traveling between various LCBO outlets trying to cobble together enough boxes to store half your stuff? It’s true that wine boxes are freely available from liquor stores in Toronto. But they’re usually made out of cheap corrugated cardboard that can barely hold onto your books, let alone a large and heavy stack of kitchen appliances.

Hire Inner City Moving & Storage Company and take advantage of our full stock of top-notch packing and moving supplies, including sturdy and stackable moving boxes. Life’s better on the other side. We promise. Three Reasons to Hire a Moving Company Next Time You Move

Anyone who has never moved from house to house before—if such people still exist—is in for the shock of a lifetime when they discover how difficult, stressful, and time-consuming the process can be. We accumulate things by a slow trickle: a blender gifted one holiday season, a few books picked up as a treat at the store months later. But then, we need to transport them all in a single day. That’s the cause of the mismatch between expectation and reality come moving day.

The solution? Well, there isn’t an easy one. You either need to spend a whole month preparing for your move and a whole day pulling it off, or you need to hire a moving company. Here’s three great reasons to do the latter:

1. Save Time

Moving is hard work. It’s not the sort of thing you can do overnight. Well, I mean, you can, technically, but the only thing that’s good for is sending your blood pressure skyrocketing. For most people, packing up all their belongings into boxes and then cleaning everything else takes time. A long time! Weeks, even, if you have a lot of stuff. When you hire Inner City Moving & Storage Company to do it for you, you don’t need to lift a finger, and your life won’t be disrupted for weeks on end. We can even pack up for you for an extra fee. That makes moving simpler and saves you hours and hours of hard, frustrating labour.

2. Save Money

Hiring movers isn’t the cheapest thing you’ll ever do. But if you go the DIY route, you’ll be on the hook for any damage to your rental truck, and you’ll have no protection if your property is damaged.

3. Save Your Sanity

Nobody ever talks about the effect that stress has on physical and mental health—and the effect moving has on stress. But it’s very well documented that moving—even within the same city—puts a huge mental and physical strain on you. In some cases, it can even take months to feel at home again. Save yourself the grief and get back into the swing of things: call Inner City Moving & Storage Company!

Commercial Moving Services

For years we’ve been helping business owners relocate their businesses in Toronto and the GTA. As a premier commercial moving company, we know how much money downtime can cost. Our team is not only skilled but also hard-working and very efficient. You’ll have your workspace set up in no time! There’s a lot that needs to be accounted for when you’re moving your business. Inventory needs to be tracked and packed. Heavy equipment must be used for certain objects. Expert knowledge is required for specialized packing services involving industrial machinery or state-of-the-art technology. Not to mention logistics!

At Inner City Moving & Storage Company, we can take care of all that. Every step of the process is tracked. From the initial consultation to the moment our professional movers have set up your new space, efficiency and cost-effectiveness is our priority. Not a moment will be wasted.

To be sure of everything, we always draft up detailed cost estimates for all our Toronto clients. Our consultation expert will meet with you to determine your needs. We believe that professionalism is number one. Our detailed estimation services ensure that you will never wonder where your money is going, leaving you to concentrate on your business!